iLok™ Hand-Torque Couplings

Gates® iLok Coupling is Designed to Dramatically Reduce Downtime When Moving and Re-Assembling Longwall Mining Equipment

In underground longwall coal mines, traditional staple-lock couplings often become corroded and can fuse together, making them exceedingly difficult to service and disconnect. These conditions often result in unsafe practices when workers forcibly pry the couplings apart, endangering employees and equipment alike. 

These issues are easily addressed by Gates new iLok coupling:

  • Simple to understand and use
  • Easy to connect and disconnect by hand
  • Can withstand high impulse applications
  • Uses a secure, visible locking system
  • Releases any residual pressure away from workers during disconnection
  • Compact to easily fit in tight quarters
  • Smooth to prevent abrasion against adjoining hoses or equipment

Gates iLok coupling is designed to dramatically reduce downtime when moving and re-assembling longwall mining equipment. Compared to the more common staple-lock coupling, the iLok™ coupling is simpler, faster, and safer.


  • Impulse tested to 133% of operating pressure at  +121°C for 1-million impulse cycles [SAE J343 impulse wave, 50 cycles/minute]
  • Exceeds Code 62 of SAE J518 flange specifications for 6,000 psi lines
  • 4:1 design factor [burst to working pressure ratio]
  • TuffCoat® Xtreme plating provides red rust protection that exceeds the 72-hour SAE standard by 1,000 percent
  • MSHA-approved for underground mining applications

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