HeatGuard® Sheathing

A completely non-asbestos, heat-resistant protective sleeving for hydraulic or industrial hoses.

LifeGuard™ Sleeving

Contains 10,000 psi bursts and 5,000 psi pinhole leaks at 121°C for up to five minutes.

Gates MegaClean System For Hydraulics

MegaClean™ System

For removing contamination from the inside of hoses with the help of pressurised launchers.

PolySleeve™ Wrap

Spiral wrap designed to protect or bundle hoses for improved appearance and safety.

PowerGrip® SB Clamps

The perfect solution to neatly clamp nylon sleeve to couplings.

Hand Operated Hose Perforator Tool

Perforates the covers of non-skive wire braid hose used in high pressure inert gas applications.

Nylon Protective Sleeve

Gates Nylon Sleeves are unique because they form an extra protective layer against abrasive forces.

Vinyl Bend Restrictor

Protects hose near the coupling.

OE Style Clamp Collars

To locate clamps and protect hose.

Hydraulic O Ring Assortment Kit

Full assortment of O-rings.

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