Power Clean™ Flush Tool

The Power CleanFlush Tool Cleans Engine Cooling Systems Completely and Thoroughly

Power Clean Flush Tool

Inadequate flushing can ruin a newly installed water pump and result in warranty problems and frustrated customers. Perform a complete cooling system flush by using clean water and compressed air. The Power Clean Flush Tool “water hammers” accumulated sludge and scale deposits without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. It cleans radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks more effectively than conventional flushes, maintains system integrity and ensures warranty coverage on replacement parts, including water pumps. The Power Clean Flush Tool’s patented process uses fixed dimensional control of the air and liquid flow paths. The process allows air to pressurise the water creating a pulsating action to scrub deep into corners and crevices, eliminating trapped debris. 

  • Pulsating gun assembly with pre-set regulator
  • Water line backflow preventer
  • Large rubber tip for radiator necks and direct flushing of the engine block
  • Small rubber tip on whip hose for direct access to heater core tube stubs.
  • 1.6cm and 1.9cm heater hose barbs for flushing heater cores or engine blocks
  • Durable protective storage case with room for additional items
Part Number: 91002 - Power Clean Flush Tool


Power Clean™ Accessory - Heavy Duty Cone

The larger heavy duty cone accessory piece is recommended for use with the larger porting of heavy duty cooling systems. This tool is also highly effective on external cleaning of the heat exchanger “stacks”, which do quickly become heavily contaminated in off-road environments.
  • 4.5” max O.D.
  • Suitable applications include truck, bus, ag, mining, marine and construction equipment.
  • The 4.5” cone is used by inserting the standard radiator cone (included in Part # 91002) into the back of the 4.5” cone.
  • The 4.5” cone can also be used by installing the 3/4 heater hose barb adapter (included in Part # 91002) into the back of the 4.5” cone.
Part Number: 91002-9 - Heavy Duty Cone

  Cooling System Flush: Cleaning Neglected Vehicles

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