Gates OE + Tensioner = True Heavy-Duty Performance

Real world tested on Detroit Diesel Series Engines, the DriveAlign tensioner boasts true heavy duty performance up to 550,000 kilometres. This advanced, drop-in ready solution will save both downtime and money.

When Detroit Diesel found that their 13 and 15 litre engines were showing premature OE tensioner failure, Gates created a custom solution. 

Gates DriveAlign Heavy-Duty Tensioner (part number 38667) is designed to replace both the OE tensioners on DD13 and DD15 engines. This is an advanced, OE replacement Heavy-Duty Tensioner applied to Freightliner Cascadia, Coronado and more.

The Gates DriveAlign Heavy-Duty Tensioner was trialled and tested by having it fitted to a high kilometre fleet. After the vehicles had done more than 400,000kms the tensioner was removed and inspected; results showed excellent durability and reliability. 

Tensioner Design:
The unique design of the 38667 tensioner combines the fan and accessory belt drive tensioners on a common bracket.

Advantages of Gates 38667 tensioner over the OE:
  • Larger pivot bushing –Prolongs tensioner life
  • Longer tensioner arm – Reduces pivot bushing wear
  • Balance of loads – Ensures proper alignment of the tensioner
  • Double row pulley bearings – Proven to last longer than other bearings
  • Higher damping – Reduces arm movement
  • Easier to install

This true OE+ performance option is drop-in ready.
Fleet tested to over 550,000 kilometres – far surpassing the service life of the OE.
Gates solution saves both downtime and money.
Gates tensioner is more responsive to system load variations, better balanced to provide consistent wear, and easier to install.

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