Asian Bus Green Stripe® Belt

Heavy Duty Replacement Bus Belts Specially Designed for Asian Bus Applications.

Gates continually researches, tests and releases new belts that withstand higher temperatures and which enhance engine performance. Gates V-belts are seen on BCI buses coming out of China. Gates is the only supplier to release an equivalent range of this particular belt in the aftermarket.
  • Precision formed / ground special molded regular notch design ensures proper fit in pulley.
  • Deep notch pattern that allows greater flexibility over small diameter pulleys and helps keep belt cool.
  • Made with thermally active polyester tensile cord that shrinks when temperature rises and maintains tension.
  • Loaded with directional fibre for stability and offers high shock load resistance.
  • Heat and oil resistant construction.
  • Meets SAE; JASO specifications.

Available in singles and Powerbands®.

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