T-Bolt Clamps

Heavy-Duty T-Bolt Clamps Provide Uniform Sealing Pressure for a Positive, Reliable Seal.

  Specifically designed for use in the high vibration and large diameter applications common in heavy truck, off-road equipment and industrial machinery. All clamps feature bands with rolled edges, solid trunions and 12mm hex bolt for quick installation.They are available in all carbon, partial stainless and full stainless construction. 

All Carbon T-Bolts – Ideal™ 31 Series
Typical applications include truck air intake systems, cold side charge air systems, off-road equipment and industrial machinery. General purpose construction comprising zinc plated carbon steel with clear chromate finish.
Band/Bridge: Zinc plated with clear chromate finish (AISI 1010/1020).
Bolt: 12mm hardened steel.
Trunnion: Zinc plated with clear chromate finish (AISI 1035).

Partial Stainless T-Bolts – Ideal™ 32 Series
Additional corrosion resistant construction featuring stainless steel band. Suitable for all heavy-duty applications, construction equipment and industrial machinery.
Band/Bridge : AISI 304/430 stainless steel.
Bolt: 12mm hardened steel.
Trunnion: Zinc plated with clear chromate finish (AISI 1035).

Full Stainless T-Bolts – Ideal™ 33 Series
Full 304 stainless construction suitable for marine applications. Increased corrosion resistance for prolonged exposure to moisture and extreme environments.
Band/Bridge: 304 stainless steel.
Bolt: 12mm stainless steel.
Trunnion: 304 stainless steel.

Spring Loaded T-Bolts – Ideal™ 30030 Series
The helical spring design provides the self-compensating (constant tension) feature that prevents the development of leak paths due to temperature fluctuations. Typical applications include heavy truck charge air and cooling systems. Band/Bridge: 19mm width, 201/301 stainless steel.
Bolt: 6mm-28 plated steel. Spring: Plated steel.
Nut: 11mm hex, nylon insert, plated steel locknut.
Trunnion: Plated steel.
Covers clamping ranges from 78mm to 116mm.

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