Green Stripe® 4-Ply Coolant Hose

For severe operating conditions found on stationary engines, construction equipment and off-road vehicle applications.

Green Stripe® 2-Ply Straight Coolant Hose

Stick hose designed for demanding heavy-duty coolant/air applications.

Green Stripe® Vibraflex® Coolant Hose

For heavy-duty applications requiring short length hose that must absorb vibration and/or fitting misalignment.

Silicone Coolant Hose

Extra long-lasting hose constructed with silicone rubber.

260°C Severe Service Silicone Coolant Hose

Newer heavy-duty engines with advanced emissions systems produce higher underhood temperatures, requiring the use of silicone coolant hose.

Molded Silicone Elbow Coolant Hose

Extra long-lasting hose constructed with silicone rubber in elbow sections.

Green Stripe® Vulco-Flex® Coolant Hose

Heavy-duty flexible hose designed to replace straight or curved coolant hose.

Wire-Inserted Green Stripe® Coolant Hose

Provides the ability to replace many sizes of tailor-made curved hose.

Vulco Straight Coolant Hose

Specially engineered stick hose is ideal for straight coolant/air connections in automotive, stationary engine, industrial and home applications.

Hose I.D. Reducers

Slip inside current Gates hose to reduce inside diameters, providing maximum coverage with minimum hose inventory.

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