Keeping Watch Over Your Hose Systems

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Most Vital Hose Systems

The performance of your hydraulic hose determines the performance of your operation, regardless of your industry. Failing to correctly monitor these vital hoses could cost your company money due to downtime, finding replacements for damaged equipment, or even reparations for workers injured by a blown line. With so much riding on your hydraulic hoses, you need to ensure their proper function.

Don’t Be Unpleasantly Surprised by Your Hydraulic Hose Applications

Gates Sentry Services monitor the condition and performance of hydraulic hose systems in order to keep costs down and productivity up across a variety of industries, including construction, mining, marine, oilfield, and more. Gates Sentry Services combines two invaluable components to help keep equipment up and running: Gates Sentry  ID and Gates Sentry™ IQ services.

Gates Sentry™ ID

Gates Sentry™ ID is an asset management system that tracks the location and type of hose being used, records important information such as install date and test certificates, and schedules preventive maintenance activities. So your operation can function normally while Gates manages the upkeep behind the scenes.

Sentry™ ID is a radio frequency (RF) tagging system that identifies and tracks specific hose assemblies operating worldwide. Data is read on-site and synchronised with a database, allowing for quick location, repair or replacement, which minimises downtime.

Sentry™ ID can assist you in complying with Mechanical Design Guideline #41 (MDG41).

Gates Sentry™ IQ

Sentry™ IQ monitors real-time diagnostic information about the current operating condition and performance of hose assemblies.The service continuously measures operating temperatures, pressures, impulse cycles, etc., to aid in troubleshooting.

  • Lost production can cost as much as $1 million per day
  • Flexible hose assemblies account for as much as 47% of all downtime on a drilling rig

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