Black Gold® Cementing 10000

Formerly Black Gold Cementing Hose

(Specification 4773PE, 4651ZA)

Black-Gold-CementingRECOMMENDED FOR: Used as a flexible connection between the cementing pump manifold and cementing head for conveyance of cement slurries at high pressure. The 3/16” thick tube is designed to handle abrasive and corrosive cements. The UltraBrasion™ cover is designed to handle external damage from abrasion, corrosion, gouges, oil and weather.

CAUTION: Field welding of couplings is not recommended.

TEMPERATURE: -20°C to +82°C continuous service.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type C3 (Modified Nitrile). Black.
Reinforcement: Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable
Cover: Type C4 (Modified Nitrile). Black with gold stripe.
Design Factor: 2.25:1

COUPLINGS: Swaged couplings. Contact Gates E&S for a full range of fitting options such as hammer unions, flanges, etc.

PACKAGING: Each length packaged in a heavy-duty wooden crate.

BRANDING: One continuous longitudinal gold transfer label with embossed serial number and code date. Example: “Gates® Black Gold® Cementing 4 Inch Max WP 10000 PSI Tested To 15000 PSI FSL 0 Temp Range 1 ISO 14693 License 7K-0003 Made In U.S.A.”

SPECIAL ORDER REQ: Accessories such as safety clamps, hose lift eyes and stainless steel armor are available upon request. Test certificates are shipped with every order. Coupling material traceability, letters of conformance and 3rd party witness tests are available for an additional fee.


STANDARDS: API (American Petroleum Institute) Spec 7K. ISO 14693. ABS and DNV type approvals.

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