Engineering Safety & Efficiency for the Oil & Gas Industry

Gates Engineering Services Suspends the Inevitable

It only takes one hose-related incident to shut down your entire rig’s operation. Downtime can eat into your profits and leave entire working crews sitting idle. Ensure your operation has the reliability of Gates to keep your equipment up and running, no matter how adverse your environment.

Solutions for Your Rig’s Applications and Potential Downfalls

Gates commitment to precision has established us as a leading provider to major oil and gas customers worldwide. As leaders in Fluid Engineering for the Oil and Gas market, Gates Engineering & Services delivers premium services that include hydraulics, filtration, pump sales and rental, and product sales, all backed by our expert sales support and training programs.

  • Lost production can cost as much as $1 million per day
  • Flexible hose assemblies account for as much as 47% of all downtime on a drilling rig

Talk to the Gates Australia team today to find out how Gates solutions can improve your operation’s efficiency while reducing costs and downtime.

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