Low Temperature Thermostats

Gates new low temperature thermostat range allows you to choose the temperature of your thermostat to suit your high performance or modified engine!

Low Temp Thermostats
Gates low temperature thermostats: 
  • Suitable for high performance engines, engines subject to high loads for extended periods, or engines under varying loads
  • With a low temperature thermostat the coolant is released to flow more freely. This helps delay or even prevent high temperature spikes when the engine is under higher loads
  • Can be used to reduce the risk of overheating or poor performance as a result of high engine temperatures

There are 7 new part numbers that cover a large range of popular Ford and Holden models as well as some Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chrysler, Toyota, Jaguar and MG models.

Download the Low Temp Thermostats flyer for specification  and application data.

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