Gates Thermostats

Gates Thermostats fit and perform like the original, are supplied complete with matching seals and gaskets and come with outstanding aftermarket support.

  • Gates offers a full range of thermostats to cover a variety of 
    vehicles, from conventional wax thermostats, to housed thermostats 
    and the latest map-controlled wax thermostats. Housed thermostats
    come complete with their optimally designed housing,
    making installation a breeze. The industry is currently seeing a shift
    from standard thermostats to integrated thermostats; in fact,
    integrated housed thermostats are now the preferred design for all OEMs.
    51% of the vehicles being produced today have them installed
    and that number will continue to increase in the future.
    By stocking integrated housed thermostats, Gates is at the
    forefront of this industry-wide change. 
    This range is complemented by the Gates map-controlled
    wax thermostats, which are ideal for the performance-optimised
    modern engine. These thermostats are controlled by the vehicle’s
    electronic control unit, which allows a precise and
    immediate response to the engine’s cooling needs.
  • Smart part numbering that tells you the part number, 
    opening temperature and combination of included 
    gaskets and seals, so you know straight away which 
    thermostat you are buying.
  • Each thermostat is packed with the matching seals and gaskets,
    covering more than just one application, simplifying your inventory
    and removing the need to source gaskets, thermostats and seals
    separately - making your job more convenient!
  • The first in the industry to supply thermostats in Celsius.

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