Coolant Hose Packs

Convenient hose packs contain the hose parts you need for a comprehensive coolant hose service. The packs even include clamps. 


Don’t risk it – To prevent the risk of hose failure, replace all cooling system hose. 

The primary cause of coolant hose failure is an electrochemical attack on the rubber compound, know as electrochemical degradation, or ECD. The effects of ECD the entire coolant hose system and are not unique to the top and bottom hose only. As such, if one coolant hose requires replacing due to ECD, it is highly likely that the other hose will need replacement too.

Using a Gates Coolant Hose pack makes this process easy!

Fit The Best - Gates coolant hose packs are a complete and convenient solution for coolant hose system servicing. These vehicle specific packs contain the hose parts required for a comprehensive coolant hose service including the clamps required, to complete the job right each time.

Fit Gates - Do the right thing by your customers and recommend a Gates Coolant Hose pack to reduce the risk of ‘comebacks’ associated with coolant hose.

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