90° Molded Coolant Hose

Not all cooling systems are the same, the need for coolant hose options extends well beyond the vehicle specific applicated hoses Gates® are well known for. 

To create an easily identifiable range of coolant hoses Gates® has introduced the 90° Molded Coolant Hose Program that brings a complete universal 90° range to the market.

The new program has a range of 21 hose sizes that increase in uniform nominal I.D. (inside diameter) sizes from 6.35mm through to 57mm. All popular I.D hoses are offered in 2 lengths to give either a solution for a known or tight fitting situation suited to a smaller length hose or a longer length hose that is able to cover more applications and be easily trimmed to make an exact fit. 

To aid the precise cutting of the hose all Gates® 90° molded coolant hoses come with uniform increments marked along the length of each arm starting from the centre of the 90° bend. An accurate cut is able to be made to help suit many uses. This feature will suit the repairer or distributor who would like to keep these hoses for emergency use. The longer arm length part numbers will certainly suit a greater range of applications.

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