Emission Control Duct Hose

Connects hot air from exhaust manifold shroud to air cleaner for efficient control of emissions.

Defroster/Air Intake Hose

For defrosters, air ducts, air intakes, underhood applications and other low pressure, low suction applications.

Turbocharger Hose

Specially compounded for use as a short, flexible connector between the air intake and the turbocharger.

Green Stripe Ring Retained Turbocharger Hose

Green Stripe® Ring Retained Turbocharger Hose

Made for turbocharged Class 8 and heavy-duty diesel engines.

Moulded Turbocharger Hose

Meets or exceeds OE standards in fit, form, and function.

Air Vent Hose

Light-duty hose for air cleaner-to-engine connections, defroster ducts and air or heater ducting.

AV Series Air Vent Hose

Specifically designed for air cleaner-to-engine connections and other ducting applications.

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