Micro-V AT® Belts

Gates Micro-V® AT Multi-ribbed Belts Make Accessory Belt Drive Systems Run Like New Again

Micro-V AT Belt

Multi-ribbed belts must be flexible enough to smoothly transmit power around smaller pulleys that rotate at thousands of revolutions per minute (rpm). They must be structurally sound to handle high loads under proper tension.  In addition, they must endure extremes of cold and heat without losing their structural integrity while functioning properly amid environmental contaminants such as dirt, grease and oil...

Gates Micro-V® AT™ - technology so advanced, it’s patented!

Facts about Gates Micro-V® AT belts

Gates is the only manufacturer who exclusively uses EPDM for the entire multi-ribbed belt range.  Gates EPDM Micro-V® AT™ belts show excellent resistance to wear, help correct instability in aged systems by minimising misalignment from worn component bearings, boast spectacular resistance to flex fatigue and high and low temperatures, and ensure optimal load characteristics.

At Gates we know our Micro-V® belt is the best in the business. We truly believe in the quality of our products and their effectiveness at boosting in-car performance. The Micro-V® AT™ is quiet, efficient and offers optimum performance on every car.

 Belt Misalignment 

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