Belt Wear Gauge

Inspection Tool for Serpentine Belts

Today’s serpentine belts wear out gradually, much like a tyre, and don’t always show signs of visual wear. A serpentine belt can appear to be in good condition when it’s actually near failure. Belts manufactured before the year 2000 show obvious failure signs such as cracks. The New Gates® Belt Wear Gauge provides a simple and reliable way to determine if a serpentine belt has lost enough material to negatively affect performance and warrant replacement.

Belt Wear Gauges

The Gates® Belt Wear Gauge was designed with input from professional automotive technicians. It is easy to use and gives instant pass / fail results so you can replace belts at the appropriate time. You can use it on or off the vehicle, one-handed, and even in places where you can’t see.

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 How to Check Belts for Wear

Belt Wear Gauge Instruction Card

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