Stant® SuperStat™ Thermostats

The SuperStat Thermostat Incorporates an All Stainless Steel Construction, Larger Heat Motor and Larger Spring to Provide Superior Performance

SuperStat These features provide:
  • Precision temperature control
  • More efficient engine operation
  • Faster engine warm up
  • Fewer emissions
  • Better fuel economy
  • Packaging: Carded blister pack

Unlike conventional thermostats that continually open and close to achieve the proper operation temperature and flood the engine with coolant, the Stant® SuperStat thermostat has a patented V-notch, non linear design that reduces cycling by precisely metering the amount of coolant needed.

The V-notches provide a small initial flow. As the engine heats up, the V-notches gradually open wider, metering coolant released into the system until the desired engine temperature is reached. 

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