Pow'r Gear® High Performance Clamps

Premium Pow’r-Gear® clamps are designed for high vibration and stubborn leakage applications such as industrial machinery, heavy truck, farm and off-road equipment engines.

Featuring an extra wide 6mm band and a wide profile housing that provides maximum engagement of screw threads to band, Pow’r-Gear® clamps are engineered to deliver exceptionally high rates of band tension to handle even the toughest sealing jobs.

Ideal™ 300 Grade Stainless Steel Lined 

Pow’r-Gear® 6M Series
All 300 grade stainless steel construction.
Screw: 8mm hex-head. 305 stainless steel.
Band Liner: 16mm design. 0.7mm thick. 300 grade stainless steel.
Housing: 1.5mm thick. 300 grade stainless steel.

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