Green Stripe® Vulco-Flex® Coolant Hose

Heavy-Duty Flexible Hose Designed to Replace Straight or Curved Coolant Hose

The benefit is maximum coverage with minimum inventory. Hose inside diameter remains constant from end to end. No convolutions inside hose so tube is smooth, allowing free coolant flow.

Green Stripe Vulco-Flex Coolant Hose

  • Excellent flexibility, yet collapse and kink resistant
  • Extra strength fabric reinforcement with helical steel wire spiral molded between tube and cover
  • Heat resistant construction throughout
  • EPDM tube and neoprene cover for extended service life
  • Performs to SAE 20R5 Type EC Class D-2 specifications
  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation – the leading cause of hose failure
  • Temperature rating: –40°C to +125°C
  • Working pressure 40 psi maximum

Caution: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications.

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