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  • More consistent quality control from parts designed and manufactured by one company, instead of outsourced to multiple plants or companies
  • Ongoing product innovation and application engineering support to keep our customers on the cutting edge
  • The industry's most reliable belt, hose and hydraulic solutions to decrease your costs by reducing warranty service and claims

Warranty Claims Dragging You Down? Contact Gates!

Engineers who design power transmission or fluid power systems for industrial equipment face an ongoing challenge – adopting new technologies while ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness. From replacing outdated roller chains with maintenance-free synchronous belt drives, to designing hose and hydraulic systems that reduce maintenance time and expense for your end-user customers, Gates is the leader in reliable innovations. Let Gates deliver the products, applications and resources you need to power progress in your industry.

Reliable Hydraulic Assemblies

With Gates, you get a consistent and reliable source for all of your hydraulic assembly needs. Gates offers a global manufacturing grid that operates under standardised and high quality product and output specifications.

In making a superior hose assembly, there’s more to it than merely crimping a coupling on the hose. Consider the variables involved, including the coupling stem and ferrule design, hose reinforcement, hose tube material, and the outside diameters of both the hose and the crimped coupling. And that’s just for starters.

How reliable the resulting assembly will be depends not only on how well the components are made, but on how well they are made for each other. At Gates, we manufacture both the hose and the coupling, designing one to complement the other.

Once we’ve made and tested the components, we then test the resulting hose assemblies, continually validating their performance to ensure that the hose and couplings perform up to and well beyond the requirements of industry standards.

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