Bring Causes of Unplanned Downtime to the Surface

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  • Hydraulic power and belt drive failures cause as much as 47% of downtime
  • Excess, non-returnable OEM inventory costs you up to $250,000
  • Gates surface mining solutions help you dramatically decrease downtime, manage inventory and optimise profits

Why Gates for Surface Mining?

Every piece of heavy mining equipment costs you an average of $500,000 per year in downtime due to maintenance and repair. Your ability to pull materials out of the ground depends on the quality of materials you put into your business.

Lower Unplanned Maintenance and Repair Costs

Gates products last up to 40% longer in rugged mining applications. From couplings that resist corrosion to hydraulics that stand the test of time, we design every component to keep your equipment running longer. That’s powering progress.

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Learn how one surface mining company used Gates Quick-PIC® and AIM® inventory management systems to track inventory and installed Gates MegaTuff® hydraulic hose products to reduce downtime and costs.

47% of downtime at mining operations is caused by hydraulic power and belt drive failures. Access our "Unplanned Downtime Causes & Costs" infographic to find out how your surface mining operation can reduce on downtime and lost production.

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