Minimise Unplanned Downtime with Quick Product Replacements

Find the Right Gates Product for Your Application 

Don’t let your line come to a screeching halt because of a failed assembly. Quick-PIC® is the manufacturer part number interchange application from Gates that assures you have the replacement parts you need to keep your equipment up and running.

Quick-PIC allows your distributor to interchange a hose component to Gates assemblies, including fittings, protectors, and proper hose length. Just provide the manufacturer’s part number of the failed assembly to your Gates distributor, then Quick-PIC will interchange the equipment manufacturer’s part number with the right, high-quality replacement from Gates.

Quick-PIC Offers You:

  • Complete coverage with over 150,000 part numbers
  • Efficient management of your inventory by stocking parts by manufacturer’s part number
  • Fast, accurate, just-in-time service

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