APC-025 Timber Chipper Drive Conversion

V-belt slippage and issues on chipper solved by converting to Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ 

End Market Industry  

110kW @ 1480rpm

Original Components 
Belts = 8x SPBX2800 V-Belts
DriveR Pulley = SPB320/8
DriveN Pulley = SPB610/8
158mm wide

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Constant V-belt slippage and reduced power transmission resulted in poor quality wood chips. A solution was requested after hearing about other chippers successfully running Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts.

Solution Description
Belt = 14MGT-2800-68 Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™
DriveR Sprocket = 60 Tooth
DriveN Sprocket = 140 Tooth
84mm wide

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drives were chosen to replace two existing V-belt drives.
The chipper no longer bogs down under load and now produces consistent wood chip sizes.
The narrower Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drives result in the shaft loads acting closer to the bearings.

Submitted by: Erich Beerenwinkel

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