APC-018 Wood Chipper Drive

Wood chipper V-belt drive slips and stalls due to shock loads. Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ keeps chipping away under all conditions.

End Market Industry  

250hp @ 1440rpm

Original Components 
Belts = 6x C180 V-Belts
DriveR Pulley = SPC385/6
DriveN Pulley = SPC800/6

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When the drive bogged down the V-belts did not have the ability to cope. The belts would slip under these high load conditions and eventually fail.

A higher performing and lower maintenance option was requested.

Solution Description
Belt = 14MGT-3290-68 Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™
DriveR Sprocket = 56 Tooth
DriveN Sprocket = 112 Tooth

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

The Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ belt has easily coped with the shock loads and continues chipping. This drive has been operating for the past 14 months using the one Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt.

No maintenance or re-tensioning has been required.

No production time has been lost since this upgrade was completed.

Submitted by: Gene Halden

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