APC-015 Cooling Tower Fans

Rubber timing belt rots on wet cooling tower drives. Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ thrives in wet environment so far achieving 13 months.

End Market Industry  
Chemical Processing Facility

Cooling tower fans 
22kW @1470rpm  

Original Components 
Belt = 3360-14M-55 Optibelt Omega (HTD)
DriveR Sprocket = 28 Tooth 
DriveN Sprocket = 192 Tooth

Chemical Storage Facility Tower Fan

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The belts operate in a very humid and wet environment. The existing rubber belts would absorb the moisture, leading to swelling and rotting of the tensile cords. Failures were occurring due to teeth shredding and belt ratcheting. The belts would only last 3 months and required monthly maintenance checks.

Solution Description
Belt = 14MGT-3304-37 Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™
DriveR Sprocket = 28 Tooth
DriveN Sprocket = 192 Tooth

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

The narrower Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drive has successfully run for 13 months to date without the need for any maintenance. The unique polyurethane and carbon fibre tensile cord construction of the Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ belts allows them to withstand any wet environments.

Submitted by: Neil Thomson

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