APC-006 Vacuum Pump

Excessive V-belt slippage due to high speeds and frequent shock loading, called for a maintenance free synchronous drive option.

End Market Industry  
Material Handling

High Speed Vacuum Pump

Original Components 
15kW @ 8200rpm
Belts = 4 x SPZ1400 V-Belts
DriveR Pulley = 4/SPZ250
DriveN Pulley = 4/SPZ90

High Speed Vacuum Pump Drive

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Transmitting 15kW at a speed of 8200rpm would cause the V-belts to disintegrate after only a couple of months of operation.

A belt drive was required that could cope with this high speed and not require constant replacement.

Solution Description
Belt = 8MGT-1200-12 Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™
DriveR Sprocket = 60 Tooth
DriveN Sprocket = 22 Tooth

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

The Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drive has so far successfully lasted 6 months without adjustment.

The new drive has resulted in:
• No maintenance or retensioning
• Reduced replacements and downtime
• 70% reduction in width
• 40% reduction in diameter
• 70% reduction in weight

Submitted by: Gene Halden

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