APC-002 Canning Line Drives on Conveyors

Large global bottling company solves OHS and roller chain downtime with new 12mm Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drives.

End Market Industry  

Canning line roller chain drives on conveyors
1.1kW @ 300rpm

Original Components 
Chain = 5/8” simplex roller chain
DriveR Sprocket = 17 Tooth 
DriveN Sprocket = 21 Tooth

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The largest Australian bottler was having roller chain conveyor drive issues, frequent maintenance and lubrication caused excessive downtime. High noise levels of roller chain, 55dBA on each drive. Single chain drives were changed out approx 2-3 times per year. In wash down areas roller chain would lose lubrication and rust solid.

Solution Description
Belt = 8MGT-1760-12 Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™
DriveR Sprocket = 40 tooth (Stainless Steel)
DriveN Sprocket = 48 tooth (Stainless Steel)

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

After over 24 months of running the Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ drives show no signs of wear on either the belts or sprockets. The entire bottling site has now been converted to Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ drives. The drives are very clean with no grease, lube or maintenance required.
Noise levels have dropped to 40dBA on each drive. Drives have remained untouched since the installation.

Submitted by: Gene Halden

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