AIHT-001 Poultry Processing Multi Purpose Washdown Hose

Poultry processing plant replaced multi-purpose wash down hose every 3-4 months. Gates hose showed no signs of wear after 5 months. Service life expected to triple.

End Market Industry  
Poultry Processing

Multi-purpose, wash-down hose, used for both hot and cold water and foam wash-down applications around the plant.

Original Components 
A commonly used ¾” ID white hot water washdown hose.

Poultry Terminator Multi Purpose Washdown Hose

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This poultry processing plant provided a harsh environment, due to the high level of animal fats, oils and tannins that contact the hose and breakdown the cover. The dragging of the hose around the plant also abrades the hose cover quite extensively. Operating cycle’s averaged 30 hours per week providing an average service life of 3-4 months before the hose was deemed non-serviceable.

Solution Description
Gates Terminator® multi-purpose hose has a specially blended carboxylated nitrile cover that provides exceptional abrasion resistance and safeguards against the attack from animal fats, oils and tannins.
Pressure rated at 500psi, excellent flexibility, and a comparatively light weight construction, perfectly suited this wash-down application.

Terminator Multi Purpose Hose

Benefits of Gates Product

Terminator® hose showed no signs of wear after 5 months. Service life expectancy of the Terminator® hose will triple, outlasting 12 months before consideration for replacement. The plant will save $9,000 on wash-down hose each year and have reduced inventory with less hose replacements.

Submitted by: Neil Thomson

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