AIHM-001 Chemical Transfer Hose at Chemical Recycling Plant

The Gates acid-chemical hose provides benefits of extended service life, reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

End Market Industry  
Chemical Recycling

Chemical transfer pump - a pump transfers bulk recycled chemicals from drum to drum.

Original Components 
A competitor’s hose, 50mm ID; in use for 30-35 hours per week, the hose was replaced approximately every two months.

Chemical Recycling Mustang Chemical Transfer Hose

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The replacement of the original hose was too frequent. The life expectancy of the hose was approximately two months, a replacement that could stand up to the wide variety of chemicals used by the plant was vital.

Solution Description
Gates Mustang® from the range of acid/chemical hoses was chosen. Mustang® with its modified, cross linked Polyethylene tube, can handle more than 950 basic chemicals. With the high tensile wire helix and convoluted outer cover, the hose can also withstand a full suction rating of 762mmHg and still be easily routed through tight bends. 

Mustang Chemical Transfer Hose

Benefits of Gates Product

Hose service life has been doubled with the Mustang® hose being replaced every 4-5 months. A greater level of reliability and more predictable service life is achieved. The capability of accepting variety of chemicals transferred through the Mustang® hose has proven to be the superior option.

The Mustang® hose provided benefits of extended service life and reduced operating costs by having less maintenance and fewer replacements.

Submitted by: Gene Halden

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