ADV-001 Cotton Gin Double Sided V Belt

Cotton Gins operate for entire season without downtime and no belt replacements.

End Market Industry  
Textile (cotton)  

Cotton Gin  

Original Components 
Double-sided B section V-belts, various lengths and brands

Gates Textile Hi-Power Dubl-V Belt

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The belts being used on site were performing poorly. The belts on drives would need to be replaced multiple times during the cotton production season. Belt failures result in lost production which is very expensive and unnecessarily extends the ginning season.

Solution Description
Gates Hi-Power® II Dubl-V® belts. 

Hi-Power II Dubl-V Belt Cut Away

Benefits of Gates Product

Due to the superior construction of the HiPower® II Dubl-V® belts they lasted at least twice as long as any other belt brand. In most cases they offered 4 times the life.

polyester cords for equal load distribution and reduced stress from flexing.

Cover is a patented fabric construction for longer life, providing extended protection to the belt core from oil, dirt and heat.

Gates Curves
provide full contact with pulley grooves for uniform loading of cords, uniform wear and increased belt life.

Submitted by: Neil Thomson

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