ADTR-021 Coal Mine Rejects Pump

8 Predator® Belts replace 10 standard belts on 450kW rejects pump at Bowen Basin coal mine.

End Market Industry  
Coal Mine (Bowen Basin)

Rejects pump 
450kW @ 980rpm

Original Components 
Belts = 10 x SPCX3550 Carlisle Raw-edge V-belts 
DriveR Pulleys = 10/SPC530 
DriveN Pulley = 10/SPC560

Coal Mine Predator Warman Pump

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The current belts were lasting 6 months on the drive with monthly retensioning. The abrasive mining environment is not suitable for these raw-edge, notched belts as they have no wrapped cover to protect them. The belts would stretch, slip and lead to increased pulley groove wear creating unscheduled downtime to regularly retension them.

Solution Description
Belts = 8 x SPC3550P Predator® V-belts
DriveR Pulleys = 10/SPC530
DriveN Pulley = 10/SPC560
Predator Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

Only 8 Predator® belts are required to transmit this load due to their higher power capacity. The Predator® belts have achieved 14 months service without showing any abnormal signs of wear.
No maintenance or retensioning has been required on the Predator® drive.
Lower cost, 8 groove pulleys can be installed when the 10 groove pulleys require replacement. This will decrease over hung loads and weights on the shafts.

Submitted by: Neil Thomson

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