ADTR-004 355kW Weir Warman Pump

355kW Weir Warman Pump uses Predator® to outperform current belts by at least 2 times.

End Market Industry  
Aluminium Processing Plant

12-10 Weir Warman slurry pump
355kW @ 1480rpm

Original Components 
Belts = 8 x SPC4000 Fenner V-belts
DriveR Pulley = 8/SPC630 
DriveN Pulley = 8/SPC710

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The current belts were only lasting 6 months. The belts were stretching and slipping to the point where they would eventually jump off the drive.

The drive is constantly exposed to alkaline spray and steam

Solution Description
Belt = 8 x SPC4000P Predator® V-belts 
DriveR Pulley = 8/SPC630
DriveN Pulley = 8/SPC710

Predator Belt Cutaway

Benefits of Gates Product

The Predator® belts have successfully operated on the drive for 12 months and show no signs of abnormal wear.

The plant produces 450 tonnes of alumina per hour @ $150 per tonne equating to $67,500 per hour, downtime is not an option.

Submitted by: Gene Halden

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