Avoid expensive premature failures by changing the timing belts, idlers and tensioners all at the same time

A badly functioning timing belt drive system can cause serious and costly problems. This is especially so for European vehicles. Avoid expensive premature failures by changing all the components at the same time. 

The Gates Timing Component Kit range is now larger than ever with the recent expansion of the European program. A significant number of new part numbers have been added to the range that now cover an even wider number of European vehicles. Vehicle makes include Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen and more. These kits contain all the relevant timing components to complete a full timing system service for European vehicles. 

All Gates Timing Component Kits also come with the added protection of our industry leading warranty, which protects our customers through the OE specified service intervals and covers all direct components and labour costs. 

Save installation time and costs on European vehicles with OE quality belts, tensioners and water pumps that fit the application perfectly!

Download the Gates Timing Belts & Timing Component Kits catalogue here.

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