Replace the Top & Bottom Hose

Gates now have available packs containing the top and bottom radiator hose plus clamps. They are vehicle specific and provide automotive technicians and vehicle owners peace of mind against hose failure. 

The top and bottom radiator hose packs are a timely release and reminder for the automotive technician, in preparing your customers vehicles for the summer months. Gates recommend ensuring your customers cooling system is in peak condition for the hot summer period to help avoid untimely hose failure. Coolant hoses are prone to failure due to the prevalence of factors such as age, condition and ECD (electro-chemical degradation) which is greatly, accelerated by high-heat and flexing, the hose can develop a pinhole leak or rupture under normal pressure. 

This possibility of hidden hose and reinforcement failure due to ECD is one of the best reasons for checking and/or replacing coolant hoses every four years and particularly when coming into the warmer summer months. 

Gates engineers recommend that all coolant hoses be checked when the system is being flushed and antifreeze replaced - about every two years - or whenever servicing of the radiator or water pump is required. Hoses showing obvious signs of wear, and those more than four years old should be replaced immediately, especially the upper radiator and heater hoses. 

For Gates new Radiator Hose Pack part numbers and applications, click here

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