Gates® Australia Power Transmission Tools

May 23, 2022

Gates® Australia Power Transmission Tools – DraftGuard, EZ ALIGN and The BIRD

Gates Australia has a number of Power Transmission tools available for industry that have revolutionised the way belts and drives are installed and maintained. Benefits include reduced downtime, less injuries, and more efficient installation and maintenance, ultimately reducing operating costs for the business.

Some of Gates most popular power transmission tools include:

Gates EZ Align Laser Alignment Tool

Gates EZ Align Laser Alignment Tool allows a single person to align a belt quickly and easily. The EZ Align uses a powerful green laser line to achieve maximum angular accuracy on belt drives up to 7.6 metres in centre distance.

The laser line technology is more accurate than any other laser tool or method and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounted drives.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast and easy
  • Shows parallel and angular misalignment simultaneously
  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Prolongs belt and pulley life
  • Suitable for both V-belt and synchronous belt drives
  • Alignment can be adjusted by one operator
  • New design includes stronger magnetic brackets to hold the tool more firmly in place
  • LED torch now included in the end of the Laser unit of this new design

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Gates The BIRD - Belt Installation + Rotation Device

The BIRD was developed to minimise finger and hand injuries. Hands can get caught in pinch points during routine installation and maintenance. The BIRD facilitates a rotational inspection of the drive while the drive is shut down and locked out.

The BIRD consists of two powerful permanent magnets that you apply directly to the shiver sprocket for same belt rotation and inspection rather than manually rotating

the belt with your hand which may result in injury.

Features and benefits:

  • Keeps hands and fingers away from pinch points, reducing the potential for injury
  • Provides a more ergonomic way to rotate belt drives
  • Switchable on/off magnets allow for easy installation and removal of the BIRD
  • Durable case to protect the BIRD when not in use

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Gates DraftGuard Anti Rotation Device

The Gates DraftGuard anti-rotation device is designed to improve the safety of workers who are performing maintenance on fan drives. The DraftGuard anti rotation device secures the fan drive to ensure it doesn’t spin backwards when maintenance is being performed while protecting the entire system from extreme shock loads during start up, causing unnecessary wear of the motor components.

Features and benefits

  • Maintenance-free bearings greased-for-life assembly
  • Small investment to mitigate risk to employees and equipment
  • Designed with mounting holes for bushings including QD™ (E,F and J) and Taper-Lock™ (3020, 3535, 4030 or more) commonly found on ACHE belt drive systems
  • Applications: include Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE), Cooling tower fans, Air-cooled condensers

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These are just some of the innovative power transmission tools offered by Gates Australia in Australia and New Zealand, for more information on these and more go to or contact Gates Australia directly on +61 3 9797 9688 or at [email protected]

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