Gates® ThermalPro™ Press Release

Dec 05, 2021

Gates® Launches Next Generation ThermalPro™ Electric Water Pump Platform for Electrified Vehicle Applications

MELBOURNE, Nov. 3, 2021 – Gates® Australia as part of the Gates Corporation (NYSE: GTES), a leading global provider of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions is broadening its presence in hybrid and battery electric vehicle (BEV) applications with the launch of its next-generation technology for electric water pumps (EWP) used in automotive, light commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. 

The Gates® ThermalPro™ Electronic Water Pump technology is the culmination of significant investments in electronics, software, motor design and computational fluid dynamics. With more than 30 million Gates® water pumps installed, these investments build upon the company's extensive heritage in OEM and aftermarket vehicle thermal management solutions.

The ThermalPro™ platform incorporates design advancements that enable it to cover a broad range of applications from 100 Watts up to 3 Kilowatts. The proprietary mechanical design completely isolates the electronics assembly from potential exposure to coolant fluids, significantly improving pump reliability. Importantly, the patent-pending technology also improves motor efficiency, which is critical on fully electric platforms where electric water pumps can be significant consumers of battery life.

"At Gates®, we've been anticipating and investing in the exciting new market opportunity presented by the global shift to electrified transportation. Whether it's building out our extensive catalog of products for over 1,500 applications across 30 electric vehicle models or developing advanced thermal management technologies to enable improved performance and efficiency of these highly complex systems, we are dedicated to maintaining our leadership position in both aftermarket and OEM applications," said Tom Pitstick, chie
f marketing officer and senior vice president of strategic planning for Gates®. "The energy efficiency, performance and reliability of our next-generation ThermalPro™ electric water pumps are well suited for the demanding thermal management requirements of electrified vehicles and fully support our vision to provide the best solutions for our customers."

For more information contact Gates® Australia on +61 3 9797 9688 or at [email protected].

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