Quad-Power® II Powerband® Belts

Quad-Power® II PowerBand® offers a stable position in the pulleys and a smooth running solution for drives where single belts vibrate and rollover.


It consists of several V-belts joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band, thus being tougher than all the belts taken separately. Quad-Power® II PowerBand® is easy to install and offers a high resistance to vibrations.


  • Narrow cross-section.
  • Raw edge construction.
  • Moulded notches. 
  • Notch depth is in proportion to the cross-section to ensure perfect stability.
  • Fibre-loaded compound for improved belt stability.
  • Precision-ground sidewalls reduce centre distance variations, vibration and uniform wedging action.  
  • Flex-Bonded polyester cords for equal load distribution and reduced stress from flexing.
  • Non self-igniting - the belt will not catch fire from heat build-up, even with severe slippage. 
  • Static conductive - ISO 1813 and RMA IP3-3.


  • Reduce wrapped belt drive width up to 50%.
  • Increase eÿciency up to 3% over wrapped belts. 
  • Use smaller diameter pulleys than wrapped belts.
  • Moulded notches reduce and evenly distribute thermal and bending stresses.
  • Reduce drive maintenance.
  • Match free system: all sizes meet Gates UNISET & V80® tolerances, can be installed without matching.
  • Back idlers can be used.

Temperature Range: -30°C to +60°C 

NOTE:  RMA Super HC® moulded notch Powerbands® (3VX & 5VX) are rated from -57°C to +121°C.

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